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Goat & Sheep Parlours Product Videos

Fields to Forks

A CTV news item of the Grenoak 80 Points Rotary Milking/Feeding installation at Parchier Farms.

A Primer on Goat Milking

Learn more about dairy goat farming in Ontario, Canada. Get a glimpse into a modern dairy goat farm. The Donkers farm has a 71 Points Rotary Milking Parlour capable of milking up to 750 animals per hour and a 60 Points Rotary Feed Station capable of feeding 1800 animals.

Goat & Sheep Parlours

Milking with a Rapid Exit Parlour

A Walk through of milking on a 2x20 Rapid Exit Parlour with Automatic Identification, Milk Metering and Auto Take-off.

See Our Commercial Rotary in Action

A single operator can milk up to 1300 goats per hours using our Commercial Rotary Platform. The system has been designed with operator and animal comfort in mind.


Double 24 Rapid Exit

Our Double 24 Rapid Exit is so easy to operate a child can do it.

Sheep Rapid Exit

Single In-Line Rapid Exit Parlour for Sheep

Equipment Videos

Rotary Feed Station Assembly

Time lapse of 3 of our technicians installing a rotary feed station in 4 days.