The Milk Recording System, Milk Meter and Meter Monitor Control, was designed to provide an accurate volumetric measuring system for small ruminants

These two units can operate as a stand alone Automatic Takeoff with visual milk production display.

When connected to the Parlour Server Management system with Automatic identification, the milk records can be stored and used to provide reports and to feed the animals accordingly with their milk production (feeding efficiency).

Audio and Visual Automatic operator warning that a sick goat needs to have her milk separated from the rest of the herd.

Each goat milking graph characteristics is stored separately. This is used as a comparison each time an animal is milked and contributes in maximizing the milk production of each animal.


Accurate volumetric measuring meter

Low maintenance and service cost

Automatic takeoff included

Large information display

Operates the pulsator

Animal separation and the sort gate input

Swing Parlour compatible

Numerical keypad for data entry

5060 Milk Meter

Milk Meter

Meter Monitor 97001

Meter Monitor

The Greenoak Milk Meter and Meter Monitor were designed from the ground up revolutionize milking. Boasting a host of advanced technology and our patented milking algorithm, the Meter and Meter Monitor operate in concert to control milking, massage/stimulate the animal, record milk production and ensure maximum milk out without overmilking.

The Meter Monitor provides an easy and intuitive interface into the milking system, allowing the operator to quickly adjust settings, enter animal numbers or flag an animal for treatment or sorting. It also provides the operator with timely actionable feedback, such as animal identification, milk production and whether an animal has a “hold milk” flag set.

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