No more wasted time... chasing and catching animals

The new Automated Sorting Gate from Greenoak, designed for goats and sheep, makes sorting animals a breeze. Programming an animal for separation can be easily done from the inside the parlour (if using with parlour automation system) or directly from the Sorting Gate controller.

Automatic Sorting.png

The Sort Gate system uses our RFID leg-strap tags which determine what animals to sort. The operator programs which animals needs to be sorted - This can be anything from group of animals needing to be preg checked or just a few animals that needs to be dried off - then as the animals leave the parlour, they go through the sort gate on the way back to their pens, the system automatically identifies the animals that needs to be seperated and shunts them into a holding pen, while the other animals are allowed to go back to their pen.

The Automated Sort Gate can be supplied as a standalone unit or as an aditional component of our Milking Parlour Automation System.


Automated by Animal Identification system
Installed at milking parlour exit point
Up to 3 exit options
Directs animal automatically towards a specific pen


Provides accurate sorting
Animal identified at the milking / feeding point
Sort more animal in less time
Eliminates manual sequestration