Who is Greenoak Equipment?

Greenoak Equipment was founded in the UK in 1991. 15 years later, Greenoak Equipment North America was created in Kitchener, Ontario in response to the growing demands and expansion of the small ruminants dairy industry.

As the North American dairy goat and sheep industry appeared to be growing in a commercial direction, Greenoak Equipment decided to partner and work with the dairy industry to develop products that would meet their requirements of growth and profitability

Today, Greenoak Equipment North America is one of the leading milking equipment specialists within the small ruminant dairy industry - a trend we aim to continue in the coming years.

What can we do for you?

We provide knowledge and technology to drive profitability.

We achieve this by working with the farmer through every stage of building a sucessful dairy operation:

• Assist in designing a facility which is cost effective, labour efficient and improves profitability.

• Provide milking parlour automation and management to allow farmers to quickly identify the profitable animals in their herd.

• Research, source and develop products to improve the fight against mastitis and bacteria growth in milk.

• Continuously improve our feeding technology to support better animal health and increase milk productivity