Built to your specifications

Our feed station systems are flexible and designed to simplify and optimize your goat feeding operations. Our state-of-the-art dispensing system can dispense up to three different types of feed at once. The built-in animal identification system is made of a leg strap that links to a floor antenna that transmits the animal ID to a software that in return executes the feeding instructions for individual animal profile. Information such as milk yield, lactation stage, date of kids birth etc. are some of the details used to determine feed instructions.

Research has shown that providing adequate nutrition before and after kidding increases the small ruminant’s ability to produce milk. Providing your goats and sheep, and their kids to be born, with adequate nutrition will impact their ability to produce sufficient milk without going into Ketosis. Goats and sheep in the commercial dairy industry are expected to deliver large volumes of milk which call for adequate nutrition. With our feed station systems, feed quantity, frequency and variety is provided automatically and seamlessly.


Labour and production cost reduction
Better control on feed expenses
Higher meal frequency
Adequate feed allocation on an individual basis
Better Milk yield vs. feed rations control


Flexible configuration – can accommodate up to 1000 goats
Up to three different feed per point
Up to six times equal feed allocation per 24 hours
Animal identification leg strap system
Automatic dispensing
Personalized feeding – Type / Quantity / Frequency


Save up to 15% of Feed Cost

There are many methods of optimizing feed effeciency, whether it is a feed to yield, lactation to yield or using a more complex body score, yield and lactation combination. In Europe, Greenoak has many customers who have saved 15-18% of feed cost for cows & goats by feeding them according to yield and lactation stage.

Increase Milk Production

In Canada, Greenoak has been involved in developing systems for feeding small ruminants, as there has been huge benefits shown in both feed reduction and milk production increases of 20%.

 Goats can have up to 3 kids at a time, which creates a huge drain on energy for the doe. By optimizing the feed around the time of giving birth, we are seeing major benefits in milk production potential for the rest of the lactation. We are also seeing similar results with sheep.