Accurate data is essential for genetic development

When looking to improve genetics and increase herd efficiency, it is vital to have as much accurate and up to date information as possible. Having accurate milk production data provides the farmer with the most important information for feeding and profitable breeding.

We offer an integrated solution to this issue by coupling our accurate Automatic Identification with our Milk Meters.

Each animal is tagged with with our robust leg bands (ear tags are also available as an option) and assigned a unique identifier in our data base. This tag then allows the animal to be tracked as she move through the parlour. It allows the system to automatically record her milk production in the parlour, sort her as she leaves the parlour or feed her a customized ration at the feed station.

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In Parlour Identification can take one of two forms:

Parlour Identification

In this system the animals are identified as they enter the parlour and are sequentially loaded into each stall - this is ideal for Rapid Exit type systems as the single antenna can be installed at the entrance of the parlour.

Per Place Identification

Used in systems where it is difficult to sequentially load animals Per Place ID systems places an antenna in every stall whether in the stall themselves or on the milking unit, allowing the animal to be identified after they are in the stall.


Custom antenna design and placement
Robust leg strap
Leg straps adjust to animal changing morphology
Tag always on a perpendicular position
Large and permanent imprint
Detailed reporting capabilities


Tag is readable at all times
ID remains on animal permanently
Does not require replacement
ID readable at all times
Easy animal identification
Better herd management