The Parlour Server Management System is a management program that runs the milking facility communications between the Greenoak milking, animal identification, feeding and sort gate peripherals in real time, 24/7,

When an animal approaches the milking facility it is identified by its leg strap signal caught by an antenna either as it walks through the entrance of milking parlour and sorted by sequence or at the milking point with the in place ID system. The animal’s stored information is sent to the meter monitor control.

When the meter monitor has completed milking, it will send the milk production data back to the management system .

As the animal exits the parlour, the management system can sort the animal to a specific pen if needed, if a sort gate system is present on site.

If the facility has a feed station system, the management program can also use the milk production data and pre-feed program to feed the animal at a stand-alone feed station pen.

The Parlour Server Management System can be linked with the DairyLive® Herd Management software to obtain remote data on a small tablet and a RF ID wand for instant animal data access and input


Wide variety of Management reports

Helps develop genetics

Contributes in maximizing milk production

Can improve feed efficiency

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