Commercial Milking Solutions

The rotary milking parlour systems are the most advanced system to milking goats and sheep. With a rotary system and robotic carriage, 1 operator can milk up to 1300 goats per hour. This rotary system has been designed to give maximum operator comfort while increasing milking ease and speed. The milking units are located directly underneath the goats udder and are presented to the operator, allowing for a cluster attachment rate of under 2.5 seconds. When paired with our automated milk recording, per place animal ID, automatic sort gates and Parlour Server management software, farmers can better manage their herds and maximize their results.



Single operator
Per position ID
Built-in sort mechanism
Feed according to yield
Optional feed station
Head lock mechanism hold animal in place
Milking algorithm designed for the rotary system


Milking of over 1000 goat / sheep per hour
Improved data collection
Maximizes rotary system size
Built for 24/7 operation
Improves feed efficiency
Improved automatic take off performance

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Caprioak Rotary Parlour
Rotary Stalls
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