Milking 100 Animals

To milk up to 100 animals we suggest you use a commercial vacuum pump, which supplies vacuum to the milking stand in a pipeline. Then connect the bucket to the vacuum supply and milk animals into the bucket.

Bucket Milker.png

Low Entry Cost

If you are exploring building your own dairy business, this system allows you to get started relatively inexpensively as there in not a lot equipment required. If you were already milking 10 or 20 animals and have a portable milker or two, the investment is not lost as you can bring over the bucket, lines and milking units that were being used on your portable milker. You can also reuse the pulsation or opt instead for electronic pulsation.

Path towards Growth

When you are ready for expansion, its an easy step to replace the pails and install a pipeline. The quality of milk will improve as the extracted milk is transported via a stainless steel pipeline to a milk cooling tank. This process is more hygienic than the bucket system as there is less chance of milk contamination.


Pipeline Milking system

As your herd grows you can easily grow your ability to milk, by adding a milk line and milk cooling tank.