Our rapid-exit milking parlour stalling systems can greatly improve milking efficiency. It can be manned by a single operator and it is possible for one person to milk between 300 to 350 animals per hour and 400 to 500 animals with two person. The stalling system comes equipped with individual sequencing gates to help the animals to load by themselves, and in the correct order and the non return feed pans covers force the animals to exit quickly once the milking operation is completed. Automatic headlock holds the animal in place providing a good udder presentation for milking. The robust construction is low maintenance and built to last. The stalls dimension are designed specifically to small ruminants morphology and prevent unwanted movements once in place. Our stall systems are available in multiple sizes and can be upgraded if the herd sizes increases or if shorter milking times become necessary. Rapid exit parlours are recommended for herds ranging from 200 to 750 animals.



Available in various amount of milking points
Optional feeding
Individual sequencing gates
Automatic head lock
Throughput of up to 816 goats / sheep per hour


Faster loading / exit times
Faster milking times
Increased number of animals milked per hour
Simplified operations
Increased workforce productivity

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Increasing Herd Efficiency

Rapid EXIT

Automatic TAKeoff

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Automatic Identification

Head locks

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Milk Recording

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Automatic ID