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Automatic Feed Station


Feeding small frequent meals through out the day (6 periods)  has shown major health benefits to Ruminants. Especially when they have good access to quality hay/sileage. Greenoak is involved in research of optimizing the nutrition prior to giving birth and after to reduce Ketosis and provide enough calories to maximize milk production whilst limiting acidosis. 

There are many methods of optimizing feed effeciency, whether it is a feed to yield, lactation to yield or using a more complex body score, yield and lactation combination. In Europe, Greenoak has many customers who have saved 15-18% of feed cost for cows & goats by feeding to yield & lactation.

In Canada, Greenoak has been involved in developing systems for feeding small ruminants, as there has been huge benefits shown in both feed reduction and milk production increases of 20%.

 Goats can have up to 3 kids at a time, which creates a huge drain on energy for the doe. By optimizing the feed around the time of giving birth, we are seeing major benefits in milk production potential for the rest of the lactation. We are also seeing similar results with sheep.



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